Essential? Excellent or Exquisite? Which Hyybab package is right for you?

Hyybab’s handy packages are designed to be adaptable to suit a diverse range of marketplaces. They are also affordable, with cost-effective bundles that are easily budgetable.

However you want to use Hyybab, we guarantee it’s runnable at a fraction of the cost of hosting site or familiarisation visits face-to-face.

Hyybab Packages...

Essential? Excellent or Exquisite?
Which Hyybab package is right for you?

Packed with key features the Essential Hyybab package is a dependable all-round option that offers excellent value for money. A branded letterbox size Babbox, printed with your logo comes with room for you to add client literature and treats. Additionally, we include stereo headphones and a 3D viewers allowing your guests to fully participate in the Hyybab experience.

Subject to availability you also may access the HyyBab Live event programme for an additional fee.


Offering a premium levels of guest experience, the Excellent Hyybab package is ideal when you need to impress your clients.

A luxurious deep Babbox, which can be sumptuously embossed with your logo, offers a wealth of space for your promotional items and comes complete with wireless stereo headphones and a foldable 3D viewer giving guests a premium Hyybab experience.

As part of your Excellent Hyybab package you may also access the Hyybab Live event programme at no additional fee.


The most luxurious way to experience Hyybab. The Exquisite Hyybab package offers the ultimate in style, sophistication and has been tailored for the most discerning of clients.

An oversized, limited edition Babbox, customisable to your exact requirements, provides the perfect backdrop for an abundance of curated gifts, beverages and promotional items. Completing your Exquisite Babbox we include premium over ear, noise cancelling headphones and a high definition 3D viewer which will envelop your clients in the very best Hyybab experience.

Priority access to all Hyybab Live events as well as the support of a dedicated account director is also included in the package giving you the ultimate in flexibility and service.


Each package includes the following, at tailorable
levels from Essential to Excellent to Exquisite:


Working in conjunction with managers and your sales and marketing team, we conceptualise your Hyybab tour, helping you to define the multi-sensory elements including what guests should see, hear, smell, touch, taste and do!

We then create your 3D venue tour. This can be adapted from an existing 3D scan, (included in all packages), or we can map and scan your entire place in high resolution graphics focusing on the areas you want to highlight as part of your Hyybab experience.

In each of our package options we provide a range of scanning solutions that are totally tailorable to the size and scale of your place.

When it’s time to produce your Babboxes, we fill them with all the goodies and resources chosen to make your Hyybab live and breathable.

The cost of set-up will only apply in your first year of using Hyybab. Enhancements, additions and alterations to your tour in subsequent years can be arranged and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Annual license

Once the set-up is complete, Hyybab can be used as much as you like with a single, annual license fee. This permits you to use Hyybab as and when you choose during your license year. We also don’t limit you on log ins - making Hyybab useable by any member of your team.

Babbox fulfillment

Your Babboxes will be produced, packed, wrapped and couriered by us, making it completely hassle-free for you! Each package includes 48 Babboxes as a minimum, enabling you to offer six Hyybab experiences with the maximum number of 8 guests (or more with less guests). And of course, if you need more Babboxes we can add these on to your package at any time.

Babboxes left over at the end of your license year? Not a problem we can simply roll them over to your next year with Hyybab.

Babboxes can be upgraded from our Essential Babbox to Excellent or Exquisite at any time.

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