Venue Tour

Thanks to Hyybab’s versatility, the guest experience is boundless

A seamlessly simple yet revolutionary interface to showcase your space.

Hyybab is blazing a trail in the virtual tour experience. With the Hyybab tour, guests will be taken on a unique journey that is beyond observable.

Although the technology behind Hyybab is complex, simplicity for the user is key. The technology remains virtually invisible, built on Rendezvous by |pipe|.


Hyybab works on any desktop or laptop with no app to download, account to create or log-in necessary. Instead, guests are connected instantaneously by snapping a QR code or clicking a URL. Remarkable immersive stereo audio and high-quality streaming video is optimised automatically to their device and available bandwidth within the first few seconds. And to ensure privacy between participants, all communication is encrypted.

3D viewers transform your guests’ smartphones into virtual reality headsets that place them together in the centre of your space where they can mingle and mooch with fellow VIP attendees. Visitors can be guided around your location seamlessly in real-time by your own host.

This is literally a world away from Zoom!

Thanks to Hyybab’s versatility, the guest experience is boundless. Time and distance are no object so you can transport guests instantaneously to various locations.

This means, as well as your place being walk-throughable...

  • The landscape and surroundings are previewable
  • Culture and heritage are discoverable
  • Shows and events are promoable

The potential is endless as to what is includable.


Incite excitement with activities that engage.

Involve your guests in fun activities as you roam! Hyybab is intended as an absorbing activity that’s doable rather than watchable. Build in, as part of your experience, entertaining group tasks or quirky competitions with spot prizes to grab guests’ attention and boost their connection.

Venues have made Hyybab participatable with:

  • An arty competition to create a location-inspired masterpiece
  • A tutorial to whip up a wicked dessert
  • A joinable demo to learn napkin origami
  • A brain-teaser riddle or observation puzzle

What would make your guests’ trip more enjoyable?

Entice clients to embrace your place

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